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Screen Actor's Guild Broadcast

Hello!  If you are in the entertainment field- or know someone who is, please join me as my special guest for the upcoming live presentation at the SAG Foundation event on June 13th to honor my sister Beki Pastor. 


Audition Recovery - How to Deal with Rejection


How did the nation’s foremost industrial psychologist make herself invaluable to Hollywood actors, directors, writers, producers, cinematographers, models, and musicians?

  • Think about it - it's the Entertainment INDUSTRY!

Dr. Joan Pastor, Beverly Hills Entertainment Coach

Using her unique credentials gained from years of practicing therapy in L.A. and successful career as a corporate trainer and business psychologist, Dr. Joan Pastor helps top artists maximize the power of their creative talents while positioning themselves for success in “the biz.”

An entertainment career coach takes you to the next level.

Some professionals with a run of more than three decades setting industry standards in corporate training and of coaching every level of management might want to settle for re-applying a tried-and-true formula. Well, not here. Not now.  Dr. Joan Pastor found herself asking, "What's next?"

For her, there is an obvious answer. Her dynamic ability to identify key problems and communicate their solutions has application beyond Wall Street.

Why do you do what you do?  Find the answer, remember it, and grow from it.

Her clients already include actors, directors and other artists who have achieved highest honors in the entertainment industry (Emmy, Oscar anyone?). Dr. Joan’s coaching and guidance has helped these folks push past psychological blocks and connect with their own internal powers for unprecedented excellence.

That same success is waiting for you.

Presenting: The Entertainment Centre of Beverly Hills

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